Who am I?

80's selfie-1.jpg

I'm that kid who used to run around taking pictures of every person and animal that he saw.  (Thanks for all the film and flash cubes, Mom!)




I'm that teen poking at the snake with a stick in one hand while waiting for the perfect moment when it strikes to capture the shot with the other.




I'm that twenty-something taking selfies with everyone/thing at the party.




I'm that parent who rarely leaves the house without a camera, who spends most of his vacation time behind the lens.




It's time to put a lifetime of practice to good use. 




With my family at my side, I intend to capture images that will best represent who you are.  Your interests, passions, styles, and character.  We have accomplished our goal when you, your friends, and your relatives look at your photographs and smile.

 Yes, that's you.